Project Management and Productivity Solution Consultants

Sales and Support: 403.000.000

Calgary, Alberta


Londonberry works with operators of manufacturing and warehousing businesses that seek new ideas in their business operations. We have experience with some of the largest warehouses in Canada (800,000+Sq/Ft) that use proven warehousing techniques. Other attributes include:
  • Experience in over 30 warehouses in Canada with various automation technologies.
  • Thousands of hours of time study analysis/implementation.
  • Project Management on renovations, new builds, relocations and system conversions.
  • Experience with all racking and material handling vendors in Canada.


We drive proven ideas for change. Need help with converting or updating your IT systems? Relocating to a new site and need to ensure a smooth transition? Need someone to look at your operation to see what can be improved?



We look at areas of your business such as: Receiving, Forklift, Assembly, Shipping, Clerical processes, Report Setup, Data Analysis and Supply Chain Best Practice Recommendations.

Project Management

Tracking Project Milestones
Controlling Project Resources
Vendor Management
Budget controls
Owner representation

System Conversions

Help you identify the right system for your business
Create vendor tender packages and bid reviews
Application Configuration
Data Clean-up and Exporting
Developing Back-up Strategy
Application Testing
End-user Training

Work Measurement (Productivity Engineering)

Develop Baseline Measures for receiving, put-away, order picking or retrieval, packaging, and/or shipping within a warehouse or distribution center
Perform time-study analysis within production operations
Evaluate operations of warehouses and stockrooms
Evaluate logistics performance measurements (KPI’s)

Productivity Solutions

Task interleaving
Directed picking
Directed put-away
Dynamic Slotting
Labor Productivity Tracking
Provide optimal Racking designs, assemble racking tender packages and oversee racking installation.
Process Mapping